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Closing This Blog

I’ve taken some time off recently to evaluate whether I have the time or the energy or the inclination to continue keeping this page up, and after a lot of thought I’ve decided to let it go. I’ve enjoyed posting here and I’ve enjoyed the community so much, but I feel I’ve said everything I have to say in this format. I’ll be leaving the page up, but there will be no new posts.

When I began here, I certainly never expected to have over 90,000 followers. If even just 100 of you actually became more interested in silent film as a result of this page, or felt a sense of community with other silent film lovers because of my posts, I feel really, really proud of that.

Also, a huge thank you to all of you, because when I first opened this blog over two years ago, I was just starting to learn about silent movies. I learned almost everything I know because of people I met on here and because I wanted to make interesting posts so I had to step up my game fast.

I’ll still be posting on my Facebook page, and I’m on Twitter sometimes, and I’ll still be making new scans occasionally and posting them on Flickr. I may start a new blog with more in-depth written articles someday, and if I do, I’ll announce that here. But otherwise this is my last post. Bye, and please stay in touch! I like you people. :)

  • 23 October 2012
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